Our 9 Point Pledge to You


To build enduring client relationships, we provide you with a worry-free home improvement experience as we turn your dreams into reality. We’ll earn your trust and respect by upholding our core values in everything we do.

Each member of the PLR team will respect your home and wishes. We will become partners in your home renovation project to ensure that you receive the best quality care possible.
You will receive on-going communication with the PLR team throughout the course of your home remodeling project. Our communication is intended to keep you informed, enable all of the key members on your project to be on the same page, set expectations accurately and avoid any surprises to you.
You will have confidence knowing that your project is our priority and we follow our procedures, enabling PLR Specialists to do quality work for you.
During the planning process, we will work together to design and develop your project. And, you will be asked for honest feedback as the work is being done, and after your job has been completed. This on-going feedback enables us to hear your concerns immediately, to ensure that you are part of the process, and the end result of your renovation project will exceed your expectations.
During your project, we will ensure a safe environment for your family, pets and property. This will be our top priority throughout your remodeling project. Your home will be safe, clean and organized.
You will receive return calls and / or e-mails promptly during the course of your renovation project.
Through all phases of your project, we will provide you with Information regarding plans, expectations, procedures and personnel who will be on your job.
You will receive excellent care and service from all of our team members. Our processes set the stage for each member of our team and what they need to do to get your job done well.
You will receive the individualized treatment from everyone at PLR Specialists regardless of the size of your project. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
Keep in mind that PLR specialists are here to take care of all your home remodeling needs including design, build projects, bath remodels, basement remodeling and we are your kitchen manufacturer, we do all types of renovations small or large and if we can’t do the work we’ll refer you to a service provider you can trust.

Adhering to our core values and respecting our homeowners are our ultimate goals.

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